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How to Use Painted Ceilings for Accent Color in Your Rooms

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Do you ever feel like your home needs a dash of big, bold color but feel too afraid to stray from your tried and true neutral tones?  Ceiling painting offers a path to subtly introduce bold color without overwhelming your home décor.

Ceiling Painting Tips

Consider painting your ceiling a vibrant, color saturated hue to give you that punch of color while maintaining neutral tones on your walls. Bring the ceiling color back into the room by coordinating with drapes, accent rugs, accent pillows, artwork or colored accent furniture. Make the traditional accent wall a thing of the past!

Designers often refer to the ceiling as a room’s “Forgotten Fifth Wall” and utilize that space to add creative, yet unobtrusive color and style to the room.  Adding rich paint color to your ceilings can make your rooms seem larger and your ceilings taller or conversely add an element of cozy intimacy to cavernous ceilings.  Painting your ceiling a dazzling color can turn an otherwise overlooked area into the room’s most dramatic accent and add an element of surprise and whimsy.

Thoughtfully painted ceilings also help to give your rooms a more finished and custom, designer look.  Vibrant ceiling color can transform a drab hallway or bathroom or highlight special ceiling areas such as coffering, tray ceilings, planks and exposed beams, creating unexpected niches of color and personality.

Beyond adding color to your ceilings, consider also playing with texture, sheen and patterns to transform the look of your room.  Try fun wallpapers, stencil designs, playful polka dots or stripes to dress up plain ceilings.

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