Experience Fall Colors

Pantone’s 2015 fall list gives us 10 vibrant new colors that embody and reflect our natural environment. These hues promote feelings of love, warmth and security while eliciting hope, fun and fantasy. A sense of balance and excitement is created when earthy neutrals are paired with emboldened color statements – the brilliant colors from opposite sides of the spectrum bring each color to life and create a sense of sophisticated whimsy. We’ve broken the colors down to provide tips on how to use them in your next painting project.This palette of multifaceted colors is all about being real, protective and grounding, while pulling balance from deep, lush colors. Combining them in beautiful ways is nearly effortless, and the tones are completely unisex, which provides even more flexibility and usefulness throughout your home.

Desert Sageis a cool, soothing, timeless, unobtrusive and authentic color that can be used as the perfect backdrop or base color in your home.

Stormy Weather is a useful neutral that is dependable, cool, constant, strong, enduring and implies quality and luxury.

Oak Buff brings lightness to the palette with its mellow, comforting, warming, and nurturing tone.

Dried Herb is a throwback to the 60’s. It’s sophisticated, chic, organic and earthy – you can almost smell the wet earth and moss in this color.

Marsala was chosen as the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year and its rich and robust red-brown features evoke red wine, warmth and a grounded earthiness.

Biscay Bay evokes the lush, elegant, cool, soothing and transporting elements of tropical waters, taking you away from the drabness of winter. The color also inspires boldness and confidence.

Cadmium Orange is a color of optimism, fun and fantasy. It is a playful, warm, welcoming and subtly dramatic hue with bold contrast to the other colors in the palette.

Cashmere Rose is tactile, soft, cultivated, gentle and composed, bringing balance, tranquility and an elegantly feminine element to your color composition.

Reflecting Pond is deep and thoughtful, full of intrigue and dimension. It brings feelings of a very composed and secure state of being.

Amethyst Orchid is said to be the “crown jewel” of the 2015 fall colors and creates a space that is intriguing, vibrant, sensual, unique, bold, enigmatic and highly creative.

Call us today for a free color consultation to see how you can incorporate these gorgeous hues into your home’s interior this fall.  For fall and winter Chicago interior painting projects, we highly recommend using Benjamin Moore Natura Zero VOC and Zero Emissions Paint so as not to compromise the indoor air quality in your home or business.