Upgrade with Painted Porch Swings

For city dwellers lucky enough to have a porch, adding a swing is the perfect touch for a livable, enjoyable outdoor space. Aside from enjoying beautiful nights on the swing, you also allow yourself an opportunity to use the piece as another facet of your decor. Take a look at your porch, your home’s exterior and your vision for your outdoor space and consider these paint ideas to help bring all those elements together.


Photo courtesy of Southern Living

This traditional, classic look goes well with most exterior color schemes and offers a wide range of decorative options. White painted wood evokes a cottage or farmhouse theme that you can easily extend to the rest of the porch’s atmosphere.


Photo courtesy of Southern Living

If your home already has some darker elements, this is a beautiful option. Adding bright, contrasting furniture and decor around the swing will help make the other colors pop.


Photo courtesy of Sunlit Spaces Photo courtesy of Thistlewood Farms

You can incorporate any two colors into your porch’s decor with a cute two-tone pattern like the black and white example above. You can even mix it up – paint every other wood plank a different color, paint just the seat and arm rests white the rest a vibrant hue, go with different colored seats, etc.

Bold Hues

Photo courtesy of Design Trends Red painted porch swing Photo courtesy of Waplag

A swing is a perfect accent (or focal) piece for your porch. Get creative with bright and bold statements like primary colors and pastels.

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