Adding Order to the Operation

Our last blog explored wall preparation, one of the many steps we take to get your home or office looking amazing. This time around, we want to take it a little farther to help you understand the order of operations for painting any given room.

First, the prep.

We’ve covered this, but suffice it to say that preparation is as important – if not more so – than the paint itself.

Next, ceilings.

Once we have everything put away and properly covered, we start painting the ceilings. This is partially to get the hard part out of the way, but also because ceilings can dry without worry of being touched or smudged while we work on the rest of the room.

Then come the walls.

Now we get to the meat of the project – the walls. If the paint you’ve chosen doesn’t have a primer in it, we’ll prime the walls first (same with the ceiling) and allow time for that to dry before diving into the color. Once we’ve applied color, we’ll make sure everything looks great and dries evenly, and apply further coats if necessary.

What about trim?

This really depends on the job and where the trim is located. Either way, ceilings will still come first, followed then by either walls or trim.

The finisher.

Generally, once the paint is on, we let the room do its thing. Once all areas of the room have dried, we check to make sure everything is coated properly, reinstall outlet covers and any other items removed from the walls during the prep process, pack up our tools and accessories, conduct a final cleaning of the work area and floors, uncover and move all of your furniture back into place, and voila! – leave your room looking brand new.

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