The Cost of Painting Your Home’s Interior

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Remodeling can be stressful – what goes where, what color schemes should you pick, how will the final product look – but hiring professionals to do the heavy lifting can alleviate some of the pressure. At Blue Door Painting, we pride ourselves on our residential painting services, and part of that pride comes from the affordability. We want your home to look and feel as great as you do, so we strive to provide reasonable prices for all of your needs.

Our services don’t just stop at primer and paint; we usually start by prepping the walls to provide the best surface for long-lasting color. This means repairing minor wall damage – filling small holes and cracks, for example – and sanding walls prior to getting started.

We don’t include paint in our overall cost, but we’re happy to provide suggestions (we LOVE Benjamin Moore colors) for price and longevity. Usually, an averaged sized room will cost about $100 in paint and supplies, depending on brand, retailer and paint type. Some paints are more environmentally friendly or have asthma and allergy-friendly formulas, and those can cost a bit more for the long-term benefits.

The cost to complete a room varies depending on your specific needs, but you’re looking at an average of $325 for labor. This covers our work, walls and ceilings (delicate trim is a little extra) and your peace of mind.

Still not sure about pro painting? Contact us today for a quote and we can start turning your vision into a (reasonably priced) reality.