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Warm Up Before Winter with October’s Job of the Month

 Country Redwood PM-16 by Benjamin Moore, Ashland Slate 1608 by Benjamin Moore, Chicago painter, Blue Door Painting

Our recent Willowbrook exterior painting project was a literal change in scenery – Blue Door Painting refreshed the entire exterior of this beautiful home, helping it to stand out against the crowd and remain bold in the coming winter months.

 Country Redwood PM-16 by Benjamin Moore, Ashland Slate 1608 by Benjamin Moore, Blue Door Painting

 Country Redwood PM-16 by Benjamin Moore, Ashland Slate 1608 by Benjamin Moore, Blue Door Painting

Though it may seem counterintuitive, autumn is a great time to touch up or completely redo your home’s exterior. Summertime is great for outdoor projects, but fall has fewer insects, less pollen and a more temperate climate to work with. Not only that, but getting a facelift before the snow comes can help your exterior survive some of the harsh side effects of a Chicago winter.

 Country Redwood PM-16 by Benjamin Moore, Ashland Slate 1608 by Benjamin Moore, Blue Door Painting

 Country Redwood PM-16 by Benjamin Moore, Ashland Slate 1608 by Benjamin Moore, Blue Door Painting

For this home, the owner was keen to create a unique look. The deep, warm Country Redwood Arborcoat Stain by Benjamin Moore was a bold choice that matched the wood and stone accents already present on the house.

 Country Redwood PM-16 by Benjamin Moore, Ashland Slate 1608 by Benjamin Moore, Blue Door Painting

 Country Redwood PM-16 by Benjamin Moore, Ashland Slate 1608 by Benjamin Moore, Blue Door Painting

 Country Redwood PM-16 by Benjamin Moore, Ashland Slate 1608 by Benjamin Moore, Blue Door Painting

To help the red pop even more, we lined the windows with Ashland Slate trim, also a Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Stain. This shade lives in a family of dark grays, but the purple undertones give it more depth than a flatter, more straightforward choice.

 Country Redwood PM-16 by Benjamin Moore, Ashland Slate 1608 by Benjamin Moore, Blue Door Painting

 Country Redwood PM-16 by Benjamin Moore, Ashland Slate 1608 by Benjamin Moore, Blue Door Painting

In just five days, we took a nice home that blended in with its neighbors and transformed it into a gorgeous statement piece in the subdivision.

 Country Redwood PM-16 by Benjamin Moore, Ashland Slate 1608 by Benjamin Moore, Blue Door Painting

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Exterior Painting

Best Exterior Paint Colors for 2018

  November Rain 2142-60 by Benjamin Moore, Wedgewood Gray HC-146 by Benjamin Moore,   Dior Gray 2133-40 by Benjamin Moore, Coventry Blue 4005-5C by Valspar, Collonade Gray SW 7641 by Sherwin Williams Blue Door Painting Chicago Professional Painters

Updating your home’s exterior is about more than just a fresh coat of paint – it’s about curb appeal and showcasing your personality. Summer is the perfect time to give your house a facelift, so we compiled a list of our top five favorite exterior paint colors for a refreshed look.

1. November Rain 2142-60 by Benjamin Moore

  November Rain 2142-60 by Benjamin Moore

This pale beige is the perfect exterior neutral. White trim and porch railings pair well with this color. Use the Wedgewood Gray mentioned below on the front door to add interest. Touches of an olive green would also look great with this color.

2. Wedgewood Gray HC-146 by Benjamin Moore

 Wedgewood Gray HC-146 by Benjamin Moore

This pale soft blue/green/gray color pairs well with white trim or the November Rain above. This shade is a great backdrop for lush green vegetation. Add an eye-catching pop of color with a bright red front door.

3. Dior Gray 2133-40 by Benjamin Moore

 Dior Gray 2133-40 by Benjamin Moore

This is darker and more saturated gray than Wedgewood Grey, but has some of the same qualities. White trim with black touches on doors and shutters would create a dramatic yet timeless curb appeal.

4. Coventry Blue 4005-5C by Valspar

 Coventry Blue 4005-5C by Valspar

This blue makes you think of floating clouds and summertime. Light accent tones work well, but touches of a darker blue like Blue Sash by Valspar add depth and interest.

5. Collonade Gray SW 7641 by Sherwin Williams

 Collonade Gray SW 7641 by Sherwin Williams

This is a truly timeless gray. Use Panda White by Sherwin Williams for the trim. We recommend adding a pop of color on the front door – a bright red or sunny yellow.

  November Rain 2142-60 by Benjamin Moore, Wedgewood Gray HC-146 by Benjamin Moore,   Dior Gray 2133-40 by Benjamin Moore, Coventry Blue 4005-5C by Valspar, Collonade Gray SW 7641 by Sherwin Williams

Our Top Five series is brought to you by Blue Door Painting’s design partner, Jasmin Reese Interiors. Looking for design inspiration? Contact Jasmin and her team for an unparalleled professional opinion.

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Bold Exterior Update | Job of the Month | May 2018

 Exterior painting transformation Blue Door Painting Job of the month

We’re all about exteriors this season at Blue Door Painting! Our May Job of the Month features a transformative project in Old Irving Park, complete with an overhaul of the exterior color and a facelift for the front deck.

 Exterior Painting Transformation Blue Door Painting

The structure of the house was beautiful, but the paint was faded, chipping and peeling away in prominent spots on the facade. The front, sides and rear of the home were looking worse for wear after a few too many tough Chicago winters, and we needed to smooth things out before starting the color update.

To properly prepare the home for this dramatic exterior rejuvenation, we thoroughly cleaned and pressure washed all the exterior surfaces of the home to ensure a long lasting, evenly applied finish. The Blue Door Painting crew then filled any holes and cracks with high quality elastomeric caulk and applied one coat of primer followed by two coats of Hale Navy HC-154 exterior paint by Benjamin Moore. The original bland, unobtrusive gray was consistent with many houses in the area, but the homeowner wanted more than just a spruce – they wanted to stand out from the crowd with a bold color choice.

To complete the look, we stained the mismatched natural wood grain of the front deck to a darker, complementary color. We also matched the top of the deck design to the home to give a more consistent appearance to the entry.

This Old Irving Park update has been one of our favorite projects this season, and we’re pleased to share a few kind words from the homeowner herself on the end result of our work:

“Tom and Ed were wonderful to work with, planning the project and scheduling the work. We had a whole house exterior paint job including deck stain. We changed the color of the house completely and they did a great job prepping and painting. I will use them again for sure and I highly recommend them. Oh, and their prices were very competitive and fair.” – Beth O. on Google Reviews.

Blue Door Painting is a fully insured and vastly experienced exterior painter. Contact Blue Door Painting today to get a free estimate for any painting project – we are fast, professional and affordable!

 Hale Navy HC-154 Benjamin Moore Blue Door Painting Chicago

Hale Navy HC-154 Benjamin Moore Blue Door Painting Chicago

We hope you enjoyed this installment of our monthly Job of the Month Series. Stay tuned for more Chicagoland painting projects by Blue Door Painting!

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Spring Home Improvement

It took Chicago weather awhile to catch on, but it’s finally time to start thinking about spring home improvements. Whether you just need to touch up some paint or tactfully approach your home’s entire exterior, take some of these items into consideration when you plan your list of improvements.

Examine roof shingles

Though we had a tame winter this year, the low temps and standing snow may still have wreaked havoc on your roof. Look for missing or broken shingles as well as any debris buildup between shingles.

Roof Shingle Repair by Blue Door Painting

Clean the gutters

Leaves, nests and other debris might be blocking your gutters, preventing proper drainage and setting you up for a headache later on. Hop up there and clean them the traditional way or hire a service to get the job done while you focus on the rest of this list.

Roof Gutter Repair by Blue Door Painting

Check your equipment

If you store any large equipment, make sure everything is in working order. Lawn mowers, edgers and anything else with a motor may need to be dusted off and run for a few minutes. Check cords and electrical outlets before using – you never know what might have become a chew toy for a pre-hibernation rodent.

Home Improvement by Blue Door Painting

Tend to the basement

Finished or unfinished, do a full-scale check of your lower level. Cracks, lightbulbs, foundation issues…check on the status of the entire area and make an effort to air out and clean the space. If you have any leaks or water damage, consider interior wall repair and touch-ups before the issue progresses.

Home Improvement by Blue Door Painting

Clean your windows

Get rid of built up dirt and mildew on the interior AND exterior of your windows. Skip the power wash on the windows you can reach in favor of a hand wash. Tip: Avoid very sunny days – the cleaner may dry and streak before you’re done scrubbing.

Springtime Home Improvement by Blue Door Painting

Take care of decks and patios

Sweep, power wash or even replace part of your deck or patio if necessary. Allowing debris to sit can ruin the surface as well as take away some of the aesthetic value of your outdoor living area. If you need a new look, consider painting or refinishing your deck or patio.

Deck & Patio Improvement by Blue Door Painting

Tend to grills

We’re rapidly approaching BBQ season, so don’t be caught without a functional grill. Check your outdoor grill – do you need fuel? Has it rusted anywhere? Have any furry friends created nests? Uncover and inspect the entire thing, cleaning and disinfecting as you go.

Call us today for a free quote on your Chicago exterior house painting project and let our professionals help you spruce up your home!

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Chicago’s Best: Blue Door Painting

Don’t put it off another year – this season, freshen up your home or office with a new look. Blue Door Painting is the local, professional option for every paint need, residential or commercial. With over 35 years of experience in the field, we’ve painted it all – homes, offices, retail stores, restaurants, industrial and warehouse projects, schools, multi-unit residential projects and more.

Not only do we have the experience to back our work, we’re proud to offer clear and upfront painting estimates, neat and fast paint service and free touch up and follow up service.

If you need it, we do it – take a look:

Interior Painting Services – Residential

Residential painting is our specialty – our relationship starts with a free estimate and visit to your home to assess your needs and goals.

We’re masters in the following areas:

  • Complete interior house painting – new construction and existing homes
  • High rise condo painting
  • Den or basement painting
  • Children’s room painting
  • Wall repair
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Wood trim refinishing
  • Light carpentry

Exterior Painting Services – Residential

Safety on the job is our number one priority – our fully trained personnel are experienced on and around ladders, scaffolding and rooftops.  No job is too tough and no detail is too small – we love challenging projects!

We have extensive experience with the following types of residential exterior home painting projects:

  • Complete exterior home painting – new construction and existing homes
  • Exterior wood and siding painting
  • Wooden porch and deck refinishing, painting and staining
  • Metal porch refinishing and painting
  • Iron fence refinishing and painting
  • Pressure washing

Commercial Painting

We are fully insured and safety on the job is our number one priority. Whether you are just refreshing your walls or are planning a larger renovation project, our team has the experience and training to manage your project independently or work with your general contractor to complete the job on time and within your specified budget.

Pre Move-In Painting

We will meet you and your real estate agent at the new property prior to closing to provide a free home painting project estimate. Upon acceptance of our proposal, we will then schedule the house painting work around your closing and move-in dates. As part of our standard residential painting service, we perform any necessary wall repairs such as filling holes and cracks and repairing any water stains or damage that may be present.

Home Renovation

We work hand in hand with Chicago’s premier building contractors to put the finishing touches on your home renovation, bringing your home to life with color. If we are not the last trade to work on the job site, when the project is over, we conduct a thorough inspection of the work area and perform any touch-ups or wall repairs that may be needed.

Color Consultation

We work with local color consultant and interior designer, Jasmin Reese of Jasmin Reese Interiors to offer free color consultations for your home or business.

Jasmin will meet you at your location to review your project and get a feeling for your personal style and goals with the space. She will take into account the overall design of your home or business and color scheme already in place and provide you with color options and other creative ideas to integrate color into your space.


Check out our portfolio for inspiration or contact us now to get started with a free estimate or color consultation!

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Colorful Front Door Painting

Increase Curb Appeal with a Uniquely Painted Front Door

Make a statement with your front door and instantly increase the curb appeal of your home with an easy and low cost color makeover by painting or refinishing your front door. Think beyond traditional hunter green, colonial red, black or tan colors and open the door to a wonderful opportunity to personalize your home and express your unique style.

Front Door Painting Tips

If your home has neutral colored siding, experiment with front door paint colors such as robin’s egg blue, sassy lime green, raspberry glaze, bright yellow, bright orange, chocolate brown, burgundy, cool Caribbean blue, cobalt blue, minty green, honey yellow and coral pink.

For homes that have colorful siding, choose subdued door colors that do not compete with the siding. Good options to consider are sea foam greens, pale yellows, deep pinky red tones and rich blue-greens.

If your home has brick or stone elements, choose door colors that echo the subtle tones in the stone such as loden green, burnt orange, deep eggplant, royal purple or lilac. For those braver souls, varying shades of pink from blush to fuchsia can make a bold statement and a guarantee to be noticed.

Front Door Paint Color Ideas

Can we use color to evoke a particular feeling or emotional state in ourselves and guests in our homes?  Here are some ideas for what impression different colors may impart as they are incorporated into our homes:

Orange is said to expand your thinking and reduce self-consciousness, encouraging self-expression. It is also a color of youth, playfulness, laughter, celebration and vibrant energy.

Deep blue evokes a feeling of efficacy and purity of thought and mind.  It encourages the reduction of clutter in our lives as well as the integration of the long view and the short view, allowing us to make important decisions with wisdom and grace.

Light blue imparts a sense of peace and tranquility, bringing ease and harmony to your home by eliminating discord and calming aggressive tendencies.  Aqua tones create trust and the space for us to truly relax and let go.

Green is said to increase wealth and as the primary color in nature’s canvas, represents the richness of life.  It is a good color to inspire new beginnings and personal growth, encouraging us to manifest our individual talents and skills in the world. Green is also a healing color, evoking feelings of stability, balance and renewal.

Light purple creates a sacred space for spiritual connection and compassion, deepening our sense of humanity.  It is a feminine color that evokes grace and elegance as well as creativity and success.

Bright red is fortifying and stimulating, evoking courage and fearlessness. Red is known as a color of self-confidence and enthusiasm. Deep red inspires deep passion and reminds us to live fully and express our true natures by removing the emotional blocks that prevent the honest expression of our selves.

Yellow helps to improve mental focus and clarity of thought while inspiring conversation and mental agility.  The lighter colors help to dispel darkness and keep our eyes open to the brighter side. It is the color of optimism and enlightenment.

Pink tones speak to the heart and ask it to be open and tender. Pink is gentle and soothing and can help with emotional transitions by promoting openness, understanding, acceptance and calm.

You can peruse our Pinterest Board on Front Door Colors for more inspiration on revitalizing the entrance to your home.

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Painting Tips for a Home Exterior Painting Color Makeover

Blue Door Painting Blog | Exterior Painting Color Makeover

Blue Door Painting Blog | Exterior Painting Color Makeover

An exterior house painting project to refreshing the paint and color of your home’s exterior is one of the most cost effective investments you can make to improve the value and curb appeal of your home.

Exterior Home Painting Tips

Some factors to consider when choosing an exterior color palette are your home’s architectural style and historical color schemes, the surrounding landscape, the coloring of neighboring homes, architectural elements that are unlikely to change or be painted (roof, brick, stone, wood, metal, walkways etc.) and whether you are attracted to cool or warm tones overall.

How to Choose your Exterior House Paint Color

Most exterior house paint color schemes incorporate at least three main colors: the “Field Colors” are the large areas such as the main exterior walls of your home, the “Trim Colors” are the corner boards, window trim, and fascias and “Accent Colors” make up the smaller elements such as doors, shutters and other architectural features of the home.

The Field Color makes up most of what you will see on the house and should inform the Trim and Accent Colors. Keeping the Trim Color lighter than the Field Color is a general rule of thumb and gutters, downspouts and other such items are usually painted the same color as the trim to downplay their presence. The Accent Color is your opportunity to use bolder and more eye-catching colors on the most important features of your home and balance the muted tones of the Field and Trim Colors.

Windows can be painted with both accent and trim colors for an exciting color composition and creative addition to your home’s curb appeal.

Most paint manufacturers offer pre-selected exterior paint color palettes outlining Field, Trim and Accent Colors as well as “historically accurate” paint palettes to match the architectural style of your home.

For more complex home designs like the Victorian painted ladies that often use five to six colors in combination, it is wise to consult with a color specialist or architect to maximize the beauty and appeal of your home’s architectural elements.

See our Pinterest Page on Exterior House Painting for some exterior painting jobs that we find inspiring.

Contact the exterior home painting experts at Blue Door Painting today for a free exterior house painting quote and exterior color consultation with our color expert, Jasmin Reese.