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Chicago Loft Transformation | Job of the Month | March 2018

In this truly transformational project, Blue Door Painting was tasked with converting a dreary and dated Chicago River West two-bedroom condo loft into a modern and appealing rental apartment.

 Blue Door Painting Job of the Month Apartment transformation

To achieve this major transformation, the Blue Door Painting team painted the entire interior of the home: walls, doors, trim, ceilings, closets and the kitchen cabinets. The color used throughout the unit was a lovely shade of white called Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore in a matte finish. The decision to use a single white color throughout is in keeping with the loft style of the dwelling and enhances the modern and open space yielding a clean, crisp feel which is perfect for a rental apartment.

The Before and After pictures of this project really tell the story. The small apartment was painted in a jumble of colors ranging from blue to purple, peach, green, beige and gray which created a feeling of chaos and confusion. The conversion to pure white complements the loft’s unique architectural elements such as the exposed pipes in the ceilings and gives the home a much brighter and larger feel.

 Old kitchen cabinets 

 Kitchen cabinets painted by Blue Door Painting

The final and critical component to achieving the full transformation of the space was to paint the kitchen cabinets white and install new door handles. This single step brought the entire unit up to modern rental standards allowing the owner to charge higher rent and making the unit more competitive in the hot Chicago rental market.

PRO TIP: Painting kitchen cabinets is a fast and inexpensive way to bring a major update to your kitchen, saving you thousands of dollars and weeks to months of contractor hassle. Please check out our cabinet painting page to learn more about our quality cabinet painting and refinishing process for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Below you can see a video showing whole cabinet painting process.

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This entire project was completed in 10 days (3 days for condo painting and 7 days for offsite kitchen cabinet painting) and cost $7,000.

 Kitchen transformation by Blue Door Painting 

Blue Door Painting is a fully insured and highly experienced condominium painter.  We work with the condominium board or management office to schedule the job within the hours allowed by the building and provide any requested certificates of insurance prior to beginning work. Call Blue Door Painting today to get a free estimate for your condo painting project – we are fast, professional and affordable!

 Blue Door Painting 

Paint Color Used for This Project

 Chantilly Lace OC-65 by Benjamin Moore Blue Door Painting

We hope you enjoyed reading this post from Job of the Month Series. Stay tuned for other interesting Chicago painting projects by Blue Door Painting!

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Paint Swatches

Don’t Be Afraid Of Bold Color! | Job of the Month | February 2018

We are thrilled to share our February 2018 Job of the Month and couldn’t be more excited about this painting project to kick off our new monthly blog series!

When it came to selecting the job of the month for February, there was no question in our minds that this exhilarating and refreshing color update in a Chicago Logan Square garden apartment would be the winner.

Embracing bold color, our Client wanted to animate the wall colors in her living room, hallway and kitchen. This painting project is a testament to the power of color to make a home come alive, reflecting the homeowner’s singular personality and design sense.


Before applying color to the walls, the Blue Door Paintingcrew takes a number of critical site and wall preparation steps to ensure smooth, high quality finishes and a neat, splatter-free work area.

We begin by moving all the furniture to the center of the room and covering the floors and furniture. Beautiful wall color needs a smooth base canvas, so we sand the walls with light sandpaper to remove any surface imperfections and repair all cracks, holes and dents. You can read more about proper wall preparation in our previous blog post.

To ensure that the color intensity would come through vibrantly, our crew first primed the walls using primer and then applied two coats of finish paint. The colors used in this project are: Thundercloud #S520-5 by Behr, Fresh Artichoke #M340-5 by Behr and Provence creme #2021-60 by Benjamin Moore.


As you can see from the BEFORE pictures, the living room walls were previously painted in a mild light blue color. Our Client wanted to create a more dramatic color contrast to showcase her gorgeous yellow couch (LOVE IT!) as the room’s centerpiece and chose this stand-out blue paint – Behr Thundercloud #S520-5.

We tried to capture her impressive color selection process with the paint color swatches on the wall.  (PRO TIP: Getting paint samples and painting sections of your wall with different colors you are considering is a great way to see the color in your space, how it changes in different lighting and the scale gives a much better sense of how the color will feel in your home than just looking at a small paint swatch!) If you are less daring or are unsure what color to paint your walls check out our blog for inspiration or schedule a FREE COLOR CONSULTATION with our Interior Designer, Jasmin Reese.

To complement the beautiful new blue walls and yellow sofa, our Client wanted to brighten up the drab beige wall color in the apartment’s main hallway. Here she chose a lovely light yellow paint color called Provence Creme #2021-60 by Benjamin Moore. Notice the uplifting effect of the yellow wall color, making the hallway look bigger and brighter while providing a very pleasing contrast against the blue living room walls.

Finally, the last room we painted in this adorable apartment was the vivid blue kitchen. To balance the bold paint colors in the living room and hallway, our Client chose this calming and very grounding shade of green paint called Fresh Artichoke #M340-5 also by Behr. We think this was a wonderful final touch to bring all the colors together in balanced way.

We absolutely love this transformation, especially the way this terrific yellow sofa contrasts with the bright and bold blue walls and the unique design elements of this home.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post from Job of the Month Series and gained some inspiration from our customer’s incredible style and willingness to embrace bold color. Stay tuned for other interesting Chicago painting projects by Blue Door Painting!

Paint Colors Used For This Project

 Blue Door Painting Benjamin Moore Provence Creme 2021-60 Fresh Artichoke M340-5 Behr Thundercloud S520-5 Behr

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