Blue Door Painting Job of the Month 

Updating an older home can be a balancing act – maintaining character while modernizing the look. In this recent full interior painting project, Blue Door Painting took an outdated and worn two-story home in River Forest and transformed it into an alluring and inviting space.

 Home Transformation Blue Door Painting

Though the exterior was unassuming, the interior of this home was working with a mixture of everything from beige to yellow, green to grey. This client worked with a professional interior designer to streamline each space’s color scheme to be from the same palette. To achieve this interior continuity, we painted all the walls, trim, ceilings, bathrooms and even doors and closets with Benjamin Moore paint.


Starting at the front of the home, we knew immediately that the fireplace should be a focal point. This old wooden fixture had so much potential; instead of restaining, the designer selected a monochrome mix of graphite and white. Painted fireplace facades can bring a room together and give a decorator more flexibility.

Moving deeper into the home, the modern theme was carried through with grey variants. This, coupled with bright white trim, gave each room its own signature contrast while tying it together with the rest of the house. Everything in this home from the master bedroom to the nursery was given a facelift from floor to ceiling.

To minimize the look of the electrical outlets, the designer decided to paint the outlet covers the same color as the wall, creating an uninterrupted flow so the white trim could pop against the darker grey.

We completely transformed the old, worn staircase into a beautiful high point in the entryway. In keeping with the modern light vs. dark palette, we brightened the base and darkened the face of each stair. The balance is particularly noticeable against the backdrop of a neutral pewter on the hallway wall.

Most people stick with wood grain or white doors, but the homeowner wanted to complete the deep contrast; the kitchen entries and the front door were painted to match the fireplace and framed with bright, illuminating white trim.

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Paint Colors Used for This Project 

 Paint swatches, Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray HC 165, Amherst HC 167, Graphite 1603, Revere Pewter HC 172, White Dove OC-17, Sandy Hook Grey HC 108, Copley Grey HC 


We hope you enjoyed this installment of our monthly Job of the Month Series. Stay tuned for more Chicagoland painting projects by Blue Door Painting!

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It’s no secret that a kitchen should be a bright, uplifting room. Many people think of yellows, natural light and warmth when they consider kitchens, but the trends are leaning toward a cleaner look.
We’re seeing more and more white paint requests for kitchens, specifically where cabinets are concerned. On the one hand, this brightens the room and reflects natural light back to the viewer. On the other, you’re giving yourself longevity and a multitude of decor options by staying neutral.

Photo courtesy of Houzz

Photo courtesy of Houzz

Like the look above, you can mix and match when you stick with whites and other neutrals. The bulk of the kitchen can have a white, clean look while you accent islands, chairs, rugs and even dishes with bold colors.

Into a streamlined look? Blend your country home into your kitchen with bright whites, complemented with wood and stone features.

Photo courtesy of Houzz

Photo courtesy of Houzz

Most of us love a modern kitchen – stainless steel appliances, lots of natural light, functional work spaces – and bright neutrals work perfectly alongside those attributes:

Photo courtesy of Houzz

Photo courtesy of Houzz

Photo courtesy of Houzz

Photo courtesy of Houzz

Big into accents? Stay sleek and modern with gorgeous back splashes and functional islands, but add a pop of color on countertops and seats for an appealing visual mix.

Photo courtesy of Houzz

Photo courtesy of Houzz

Don’t think that brights can’t be mixed with darks when you’re talking about kitchens…black and white is a perfect combo for a beautiful look, while dark browns and warm hues can provide the perfect balance against white counters and cabinets.

No matter how you do it, adding whites to your kitchen can freshen up the look and give you room to change as your style evolves. Share your kitchen inspiration with us on Facebook!

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For September, our interior design partners at Jasmin Reese Interiors are giving a nod to blue, possibly the most versatile color on the spectrum. It’s also very special to Blue Door Painting, of course!
For the native New Englanders at JRI, blue is especially evocative of the coast, and September is when the chilly Atlantic is finally at its warmest. You can bask in the waves and enjoy the last breaths of summer at the beach. In honor of this exceptionally rich, classic color, Jasmin’s design pros assembled a selection of beautiful blue tones, as well as some tips for using blue paint and decor to make your home spectacular:

Photo courtesy of Bold Magazine

We love using barn doors like these to add a pop of color to interiors for bathrooms, or anywhere else sliding doors might be a practical solution for the space. These lovely barn doors, painted a Yale Blue and fitted on an iron track, add some drama to this living room entryway.

Blue Barn Doors

This high-gloss floor-to-ceiling royal blue paint, with a setback ceiling painted in gold, render this elegant salon extraordinary. Blue pairs wonderfully with gold, and also with white. The simple white and blue furnishings and ginger jars nod to the gorgeous blue and white Greek Key flooring.

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

Here’s another great blue and gold example! Hexagonal tile in cerulean blue works well with the golden shower head and accent mirror, giving this well-appointed bathroom a lavish feel.

Blue is a fabulous color for accent furniture because it complements so many other colors and designs. You can add style and save money during a bathroom renovation by repainting existing cabinets for a revitalized, fresh-looking “new” piece of furniture. We love this vanity painted a crisp navy blue to call out the navy honeycomb wallpaper. We often paint vanities in bathrooms a bold color to add drama.

Photo courtesy of Cole and Sons

We love the luxury this deep turquoise delivers when applied to custom built-in bookshelves — complemented by turquoise lamps and drapes and set off by unexpected burnt orange accents — in this classic library. We are working on a similar vibe in a library in Evanston right now, and we’ve included that paint color as one of our picks for the month. Stay tuned on our social channels for pics to come!

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

For our favorite paint colors this month, we’ve selected Benjamin Moore, Tropical Paradise (the color we used in a gorgeous Evanston library!) and Sherwin Williams, Indigo Batik.

Benjamin Moore, Tropical Paradise Sherwin Williams, Indigo Batik

We adore many shades of blue for their soothing elegance, and for the timelessness that they bring to complete a design. Share some photos of how you’re using blue in your home and garden!

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Need some on-trend color inspiration? Jasmin Reese Interiors is turning their attention to the understated beauty of blush tones for the month of July.
Blush is an especially fitting choice for this month because it evokes the sweetness and tranquility of a warm summer night. Think sweeping salmon-y sunsets and a chilled glass of rosé on the deck…are you relaxed yet?

Blush and pink tones are traditionally associated with tranquility and femininity. This is by no means a new concept – Feng Shui masters use blush tones to calm the energy in a space. This lovely nursery exemplifies the soothing effects of the color with a pale blush accent wall.

While blush is naturally subtle, it provides a stunning contrast point for the rich green accent color lining the bookshelves in this stylish office. Plus, pink represents fire and green represents wood, and we think the color pairing below nails that combination!

Blush interior paint is a striking tool to soften a space and to provide a powerful yet gentle contrast to a stark, minimalist palette. Just a warning: the color tends to be most effective in small doses. This lovely bedroom decorated in neutral grey tones with just the right touch of blush accent on the ceiling is perfect!

Here’s an even more dramatic example of blush as an accessory color to offset stark, masculine black walls. The chunky crystal chandelier adds a final touch of glamour to this alluring sitting room.

blush sitting room

blush sitting room

If you’re considering adding some blush accessories to your space, don’t miss this lush velvet from Schumacher in “Sophia.” The fabric is upholstery weight so it can be used for furniture, pillows, or even drapes if they’re lined.

As for paint picks, here are our faves right now:

Wild Astor from Benjamin Moore

Cosmetic Blush from Sherwin Williams

Brag about blush! Do you have a success story using blush tones to paint or decorate your interiors? Share the pics on Facebook!

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Sometimes you want a room to feel spectacular – more than just a regular coat of flat paint can provide. For those daring enough to make a statement, paint companies are selling metallics.
Generally reserved for dining rooms, the metallic look is making its way into other areas of the house with patterns and new color options.

Photo courtesy of Ralph Lauren

Photo courtesy of Ralph Lauren

Photo courtesy of Ralph Lauren

Photo courtesy of Ralph Lauren

These options are great for a statement wall or sitting room, or for a naturally dark bedroom. The metallic textures take a few more coats than a normal gloss, but they add a warm glow and an upscale, classy look to any room.

If you aren’t interested in a full sheen, consider patterns like these:

Photo courtesy of Cutting Edge Stencils

Photo courtesy of Cutting Edge Stencils

Photo courtesy of Cutting Edge Stencils

Photo courtesy of Cutting Edge Stencils

And don’t just consider gold, silver and bronze when adding extra glam to your home – Sherwin Williams and Ralph Lauren both have metallic options that span the color wheel.

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April’s Color of the Month 

Straight from the minds of design – let our interior designers from Jasmin Reese Interiors show you just how versatile yellow can be.

April has come and gone, but this color of the month can have a lasting effect. Yellow, the most cheerful color in the spectrum, oftentimes gets overlooked as too bright, too bold or too blah in favor or reds or blues. But the color has its merits – just ask the pros.

“When we think of yellow, we think of playfulness, sunshine, spring flowers and bright cheer,” said Reese. “To me personally, it’s reminiscent of a drawing I created as a young girl for my mother in wild yellow tones that read, ‘Du bist mein sonnenschein’ or ‘You are my sunshine.’”

Interior Painting Ideas - Yellow

Interior Painting Ideas – Yellow

Yellow Interior Painting Tips

Don’t just limit your pops of yellow to bathrooms and kitchens when planning your interior paint colors – there are many shades and many ways to incorporate the tone beautifully into your home and garden.

Interior Painting - Yellow Door

Interior Painting – Yellow Door

Kitchen Interior Painting - Yellow

Kitchen Interior Painting – Yellow

Blue Door Painting’s Favorite Yellow Paint Colors

“Whether you decide to paint an entire wall or add a brilliant pop of color like a door, yellow always delivers vibrancy and energy to a space,” notes Reese, mentioning two favorite shades – Confident Yellow from Sherwin Williams, and Sun Kissed Yellow from Benjamin Moore.

Sun Kissed Yellow – Benjamin Moore

Confident Yellow – Sherwin Williams


Interior Decorating with Yellow

Don’t just think paint! Decor can spice up your interiors as well, and considering pieces featuring yellow can add zest without overwhelming the space. Consider, for example, Reese’s suggestion: this “Citrus Garden” print by Schumacher.

Schumacher Citrus Garden Print

Schumacher Citrus Garden Print

It features muted mustard tones, and was created as part of their 125th anniversary fabric collection.

Already ahead of the game? How are you using yellow to add vibrancy to your space? 

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Looking for new ideas to make your wood trim a standout accent? Designers are turning the old rule of trim painting on its head to expand the unique opportunities afforded by colored trim. As opposed to making the main walls the accent of the room, we’re increasingly seeing subtle and muted walls as a neutral backdrop and bold trim taking center stage.This concept works beautifully with ornate trim work to bring those elements to the foreground, but is also an excellent option for those who may fear big, bold wall colors and prefer just a hint of color to add drama and scale to their rooms.

Photo courtesy of Young House Love

Photo courtesy of Young House Love

In large, bright spaces with tall ceilings and big windows, black trim on doors, door frames and molding can be very dramatic and glamorous.  
For a more subdued elegance, try shades of grays as a trim accent.  
For modern spaces with clean lines and clean, neutral wall colors, bolder hues of lime green, canary yellow,  orange, turquoise, bright red and deep greens and blues can add just a pop of color and personality without overwhelming the décor or simple modern elegance of your space.

Photo courtesy of Shannon Berrey Design

Photo courtesy of Shannon Berrey Design

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Photo courtesy of House of Turquoise

Photo courtesy of House of Turquoise

Looking for a little more glam, sparkle and old world romance? Metallic paints are very inand can add the perfect touch when used on wood trim. Try metallic gold, silver, pewter and bronze paints to add some glitz to your rooms.

Check out our Pinterest board for great ideas on using your painted wood trim as your room’s accent color.  

Call us today for a free color consultation on your Chicago house painting project and let our professional interior designer help you define your space with color!

Blue Door Painting Blog | Exterior Painting Color Makeover

Blue Door Painting Blog | Exterior Painting Color Makeover

An exterior house painting project to refreshing the paint and color of your home’s exterior is one of the most cost effective investments you can make to improve the value and curb appeal of your home.

Exterior Home Painting Tips

Some factors to consider when choosing an exterior color palette are your home’s architectural style and historical color schemes, the surrounding landscape, the coloring of neighboring homes, architectural elements that are unlikely to change or be painted (roof, brick, stone, wood, metal, walkways etc.) and whether you are attracted to cool or warm tones overall.

How to Choose your Exterior House Paint Color

Most exterior house paint color schemes incorporate at least three main colors: the “Field Colors” are the large areas such as the main exterior walls of your home, the “Trim Colors” are the corner boards, window trim, and fascias and “Accent Colors” make up the smaller elements such as doors, shutters and other architectural features of the home.

The Field Color makes up most of what you will see on the house and should inform the Trim and Accent Colors. Keeping the Trim Color lighter than the Field Color is a general rule of thumb and gutters, downspouts and other such items are usually painted the same color as the trim to downplay their presence. The Accent Color is your opportunity to use bolder and more eye-catching colors on the most important features of your home and balance the muted tones of the Field and Trim Colors.

Windows can be painted with both accent and trim colors for an exciting color composition and creative addition to your home’s curb appeal.

Most paint manufacturers offer pre-selected exterior paint color palettes outlining Field, Trim and Accent Colors as well as “historically accurate” paint palettes to match the architectural style of your home.

For more complex home designs like the Victorian painted ladies that often use five to six colors in combination, it is wise to consult with a color specialist or architect to maximize the beauty and appeal of your home’s architectural elements.

See our Pinterest Page on Exterior House Painting for some exterior painting jobs that we find inspiring.

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