Interior Painting Tips Using Pastels

Whether you want to get a jump on summer trends or follow springtime traditions, pastels are the perfect addition to your color scheme or interior painting project. These pale palettes can add a relaxing feel to any room, as well as open up a world of decorating opportunity with accents and furniture.


Bedroom Interior Paint Recommendations

You want your sleeping space to be cozy and soothing, so pastels are a natural color choice for bedrooms. Popular for nurseries, these paint tones can bridge the gap between kids’ rooms and adult living spaces if done correctly.

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Light colors allow for freedom with linens – whites, beiges, grays and other colors can be seamlessly worked into the room without contrasting with the walls and decor.

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Kitchen Interior Paint Color Ideas

Though sprucing up the walls with a fresh coat of pastel yellow paint like Benjamin Moore Pineapple Grove (color code 333) can instantly brighten your kitchen, don’t ignore other aspects of the room. Pastel appliances, chairs and other elements can take an otherwise bland room and make it an enjoyable space with style and function. Likewise, painting kitchen cabinets is often an inexpensive option for giving your kitchen a fresh, updated look.

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Living Room

Painting Tips for your Living Room

Pastels are versatile – they don’t need to keep a modern theme. If you’re feeling vintage, work some yellows and greens into your living room to compliment wood floors and beige furnishings.

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Not into the throwback look? Keep pastels in mind as an alternative to safe tans and creams. They aren’t going to distract from the room in the way a bold, bright accent wall might, but they’ll give you a more personalized, individual look that will guide the rest of your decorating decisions.

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Interior Painting for Bathroom Walls and Ceilings

Your time in the bathroom should be calming and relaxed, so create a light, airy theme or a beachy look with pastels. Walls and ceilings shouldn’t be ignored, but this look can be achieved with towels, stylish rugs and small decor pieces in an otherwise bright, white space.

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Blue Door Painting Blog | Exterior Painting Color Makeover

Blue Door Painting Blog | Exterior Painting Color Makeover

An exterior house painting project to refreshing the paint and color of your home’s exterior is one of the most cost effective investments you can make to improve the value and curb appeal of your home.

Exterior Home Painting Tips

Some factors to consider when choosing an exterior color palette are your home’s architectural style and historical color schemes, the surrounding landscape, the coloring of neighboring homes, architectural elements that are unlikely to change or be painted (roof, brick, stone, wood, metal, walkways etc.) and whether you are attracted to cool or warm tones overall.

How to Choose your Exterior House Paint Color

Most exterior house paint color schemes incorporate at least three main colors: the “Field Colors” are the large areas such as the main exterior walls of your home, the “Trim Colors” are the corner boards, window trim, and fascias and “Accent Colors” make up the smaller elements such as doors, shutters and other architectural features of the home.

The Field Color makes up most of what you will see on the house and should inform the Trim and Accent Colors. Keeping the Trim Color lighter than the Field Color is a general rule of thumb and gutters, downspouts and other such items are usually painted the same color as the trim to downplay their presence. The Accent Color is your opportunity to use bolder and more eye-catching colors on the most important features of your home and balance the muted tones of the Field and Trim Colors.

Windows can be painted with both accent and trim colors for an exciting color composition and creative addition to your home’s curb appeal.

Most paint manufacturers offer pre-selected exterior paint color palettes outlining Field, Trim and Accent Colors as well as “historically accurate” paint palettes to match the architectural style of your home.

For more complex home designs like the Victorian painted ladies that often use five to six colors in combination, it is wise to consult with a color specialist or architect to maximize the beauty and appeal of your home’s architectural elements.

See our Pinterest Page on Exterior House Painting for some exterior painting jobs that we find inspiring.

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